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EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
PrognoCIS™, is a patented, market tested and established Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application developed by Bizmatics, Inc. of California. Cardus is a valued partner of Bizmatics, Inc. for delivering integrated services with their EMR product.
Cardus has integrated its Transcription, Billing & Coding and Accounting Services with PrognoCIS™ . This facilitates accessing and controlling the above services along with Electronic Medical Record management through a single web based interface.
Cardus has the Technology, Infrastructure and skilled manpower to Implement, Service and Maintain the Clinical Information Server™ (CIS) developed by Bizmatics, Inc. Using this CIS Platform, PrognoCIS™ enables the Physician/Administrator/Health Care Operation to be in complete control of every facet of patient care.
Using the PrognoCIS™ Clinical Information Server™ technology platform, PrognoCIS™ enables the Clinical Practice / Doctor to be in complete control of every facet of patient care. Using industry standard protocols, it enables information sharing with the other providers such as clinical labs, radiology offices and practice management systems.
The Clinical Information Server™ (CIS) is a highly scalable and flexible, n-tier, technology platform that provides a growing set of clinical application modules, such as EMR, e-prescription and a patient portal, that are targeted to every facet of clinical office management. Developed using platform independent Internet Technologies such as JAVA and JDBC, CIS provides secured access to sensitive patient information in a variety of clinical applications. Designed for multi-physician, multi-specialty clinics, it provides connectivity to any number of external interfaces such as clinical labs, pharmacies and radiology offices using industry standard XML and HL-7 interface.

System Information

PrognoCIS™ CIS runs on PC, MAC & Handheld devices. It only requires a browser to access the information and supports diagrams & images.
The PrognoCIS™ can be installed in two ways – either at the practice/doctors’ office or at Vennar Soft premises with access control through secured connections and at phenomenal speeds. The practice can choose practically & economically most viable option to suit the needs.
Please contact Vennar Soft to arrange an on-line demonstration of the PrognoCIS™ and its features. top


  • Hierarchical & Role based access to clinical information for Security
  • Patient Registration & Face Sheet – Instant access to key patient data
  • At-a-glance composite information view of current & historical Clinical Information Charts
  • Test Requisition(CPOE) & Reporting – Quickly order tests and tracks reports
  • Facilitates Insurance claims filing & tracking
  • Patient Scheduling Options by staff, physicians and patients – anytime, anywhere
  • Easy integration with many existing clinical systems (HL-7)
  • Communications Center for viewing and send faxes, emails and memos


  • Location independent access to all your Practice Management information
  • Runs on any PC, MAC and PDA device with Internet access
  • Highly Customizable & personally configurable to suit any specialty needs
  • Scalable and flexible platform to adapt to varying needs of users
  • On-demand integration with other existing practice management tools
  • Supports CPT, ICD-9 and E&M Insurance codes
  • First Data Bank Drug Repository
  • Supports diagrams & Images
  • Quick additions of new and inter operable modules
  • Electronic Data Interchange by HL-7 protocol
  • On-Site or Off-Site Server Based Access
  • 24x7 Customer Support
EMR/EHR - PrognoCIS™ System Modules

Clinical Workflow Module

This helps the practice/doctor to rapidly document encounter details using customized templates, voice recognition and handwriting recognition. Pre-populated commonly used phrases and clinician preferences, aided by past medical history, ensure rapid and accurate assessment and plan for the patient. top

Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

This helps to easily generate and track orders for medications & lab tests aided by the built-in error detection mechanism that enhances patient safety. top

Clinical Intelligence Module

This aids in creating analytical and graphical reports based on past prescriptions, lab orders, encounters and diagnoses. The practice can leverage the system’s ability to learn the preferences and usage patterns. top

Clinical Information Exchange Module

The doctor/practice can easily and securely connect to any third party service provider such as hospitals, radiology or practice management systems using the standard HL-7 protocol. top

Clinical Communication Module

Generation and tracking of incoming and outgoing e-mails, letters and other critical office communications can be done using this module. top

Clinical Scheduling Module

Using this module, the practice/doctor can schedule appointments, meetings, block the time without any time slot restrictions and even overbook appointments, if required. top

Systems Settings Module

Using this, the system can be quickly and easily adapted to the office needs. This system allows setting the names; order of the most frequently used tests, drugs and much more depending on the type of practice. top

Composite Information Views

The information is available at the fingertips including the wide variety of views that pull information from deferent modules, such as Home Screen, Communication Center Screen, Historical Information Screen and the Composite Chart Screen. top

PrognoCIS™ & Cardus:

Cardus offers the PrognoCIS™ Electronic Medical Record as an integrated package with its Transcription and Billing Services. This allows Client to access and manage all their Information needs through a single interface. The support and maintenance for all the services will be also be offered by Cardus’ dedicated personnel. For further discussion on this delivery model and a detailed on-line demonstration of the PrognoCIS™ product, please contact us. top