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I highly recommend the transcriptionists. They do accurate, high quality work with excellent turnaround time. I've personally worked with them for 8 years, they are the best transcriptionists that I've worked with in my career.
Kevin Woolley ( M.D)
Have worked with Valentine transcription for over 20 years. The service is impeccable. Rapid and accurate turnaround of reports with careful attention to detail. If there are special cases, the individuals are easy to contact and responsive. The down time is rare and minimal. Can recommend them without reservation.
Robert Segal (MD Radiologist)
We have (or Advanced Medical Imaging has) used VTS for eighteen years and are (is) very happy with their service. They employ competent, highly trained transcriptionists and are quick to respond to our ever changing needs. They also offer very competitive rates, which is crucial during these uncertain economic times.
Sue Sticka (General manager)
I would like to say that we, at Swedish Medical Center, are extremely pleased with the service that we get through Valentine Transcription. They are always on top of their game and most times, they are right behind what the Radiologist has dictated. We have a great team!!
Donald Davidson (Director of Radiology)
We have found Valentine transcription to be an excellent extension of our clinical services. Their reports are transcribed promptly and they are very responsive to our needs and special requests. It is one part of my day I do not have to worry about.
Andy Fisher, MD, MBA (Radiologist)